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What is Scalping and How to Use It?

Not all traders have an opportunity to always keep an eye on price charts and open trades when it is time, but everyone wants to make money. As a result, they choose trading systems that allow looking at the chart rarer.

If the trader can afford to look at the chart once in a couple of hours, they must choose a trading system for a large timeframe, H4 or D1. The drawbacks of large periods are a small number of trades and the necessity to place Stop Losses far from entry points. …

How to Trade News in Forex?

Traders use different methods of market analysis to make decisions about opening trades. Most often, tech analysis is used: the investor looks at charts and searches for various patterns. The next popular type is indicator analysis when the trader does not pay much attention to the price chart as it is but analyzes forex signals. The most complicated type of market analysis is the fundamental one.

In this latter case, the investor has to study the economic, credit and monetary policy of a country to check if its national currency is underpriced and whether it has any chance for growth…

What is Intraday Trading? Strategies and Advice to Traders

In the previous article, I gave a detailed account of the main principles of intraday trading. Today, I will continue by presenting you several intraday strategies and giving some advice to beginner traders.

Strategies of intraday trading

If you look at the principles and strategies of trading, you will see that they are mostly universal for all trading styles; however, there are unique ones, too.

The intraday strategy in Forex entails making trades inside a trading day. Open trades are not transferred to the next day to avoid swaps and the risk of gaps at the opening of the next session, which are quite…

How to Trade Intraday: Main Principles

In this article, I would like to express my personal attitude to and experience in intraday trading. Also, I would like every reader to decide for themselves whether intraday trading suits them before they make any precipitous steps.

I will give you the information in two parts. In part one, I will speak in detail about the principles of intraday trading and in part two, I will give you some examples of strategies and recommendations on this type of work.

What is intraday trading?

So, what is intraday trading? The very name of the method and style speaks a lot about their essence: trading…

How to Trade Indices: Simple Trading Guide

In this overview, we will discuss stock indices. They are popular instruments that reveal the current situation in the stock market, used by traders and investors for trading in financial markets.

What are indices?

Stock indices demonstrate the price dynamics of a certain set of stocks in an exchange. The stocks of selected companies comprise a group, for which an index is calculated by a certain method. For example, the FTSE 100 index tracks the dynamics of the 100 largest companies in the London stock exchange. …

How to Trade Crude Oil?

At the beginning of 2020, oil quotations set an anti-record of minus 40 USD per barrel. However, this did not scare traders away; on the contrary, they kept buying oil, waiting for a bounce. Oil did not spend much time near zero and headed upwards quite soon. As for now, a barrel of Brent price is 48 USD per barrel.

There are a few reasons for oil to drop so steeply; the most frequent ones are financial crises. However, step by step world economies come back to normal, the demand for oil increases, and oil prices aim high.

To trade…

How to Trade Stocks: Short Guide for Beginners

When you have a free sum of money, you ask yourself what to do with it: hide under your pillow, or take it to the bank, or invest on your own on interest even higher than the bank can offer you. The third option seems to be the most tempting.

The word “investments” is commonly used alongside the words “stock market”. The stock market is, naturally, associated with stocks. Hence, we have the question of how to trade stocks. This is what we are going to discuss in this article.

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Role of Central Banks and Their Influence on Currency Markets

To conclude our trilogy on fundamental analysis and external factors affecting the Forex market, I would like to talk today about the role of central banks.

👉 The first two articles you can find here:

How to do a fundamental analysis on Forex

How to read the Economic Calendar

The influence of Central banks on Forex

Forex is the largest currency market in terms of the number of players and capitalization; its daily turnover is between 5 and 8 trillion USD. The key market players are Central banks, the largest commercial banks, pensioned funds, insurance companies, investment funds. …

How does Leverage Work? How to Choose It?

In this article, we will discuss the principles of trading with leverage. It allows a skillful trader to increase their potential profit.

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What is leverage in Forex?

Trading with leverage means opening a position for a larger sum than you have on your account. This is done by marginal crediting. In essence, leverage is the ratio of your capital and loaned money. In Forex, leverage is provided by your forex broker; usually, it is increased…

16 Main Candlestick Patterns on Forex

Nowadays Japanese candlesticks are among the most important chart types. This is the chart that Japanese traders are thought to have used in the 17th century for trading rice. So, many traders call Japanese candlesticks the oldest chart type. To modern trading, this chart type came after the publication of Steve Nison’s book in 1991.

First and foremost, investors are attracted by the clarity and availability of general information. …


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